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At AM/PM Podcast, we believe there is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. And as e-commerce grows, transforms, and transcends our expectations of what business should be, I hope to explore what entrepreneurship looks like for individuals from every walk of life.

Family Members: To Employ or Not to Employ – 235

One of the very few benefits of this last year has been the (sometimes forced) confinement of extended families in the same space. Parents are managing Zoom calls with young children in their lap and retirees are welcoming back their young professional offspring in order to support each other during the year-long pandemic. In this […]

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“Accidental” Entrepreneurial Success and Important Next Steps – 233

A lot of times, entrepreneurs find themselves “accidentally” running businesses. With the right idea, initial success occasionally comes so quickly that they end up behind the big desk without the skills necessary to achieve long term profitability.  In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim Jordan speaks with the Founder and CEO of Full Scale, […]

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The Importance of Self-Awareness – Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs – 231

The one thing that might be most helpful to every entrepreneur is sometimes the most difficult to learn. It’s not something that you can understand by working longer hours, sleeping less, or assuming more responsibility.  If anything, it might help if the entrepreneur makes a point of working less, sleeping more and learns to delegate.  […]

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